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            1. Careers
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                                  1. biggest-sports-bets

                                    For FY/21, betway altior offer projects sales growth1 in a low to mid-single-digit percentage range and at least broadly stable net income2,3 year-over-year, both in constant currency.

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                                      COVID-19 will continue to impact betway altior offer’ operations in 2021. Current burdens and constraints caused by COVID-19 are expected to recede only in H2/21. The expected improvement in the Group’s relevant business environment from H2/21 is heavily dependent on continuously increasing levels of vaccination coverage in betway altior offer’ relevant markets. These assumptions are subject to considerable uncertainty.

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                                      • betway altior offer closely monitors the development of COVID-19 case numbers, and the associated various containment measures being enacted in many of the Company’s relevant markets. A possible significant deterioration of the situation associated with further containment measures that could have a significant and direct impact on the health care sector without any appropriate compensation is not reflected in the Group’s FY/21 guidance.

                                                1. ekbet-app-download
                                                    Targets 20214 Fiscal year 20205
                                                  betway altior offer Group
                                                  Sales growth (in constant currency) Low-to-mid single-digit
                                                  percentage growth
                                                  € 36,277 million
                                                  Net income2 growth
                                                  (in constant currency)
                                                  At least broadly stable € 1,796 million
                                                  betway altior offer Medical Care6
                                                  Sales growth (in constant currency) Low-to-mid single-digit
                                                  percentage growth
                                                  € 17,859 million
                                                  Net income7 growth (in constant currency) High-teens to mid-twenties
                                                  percentage decline
                                                  € 1,359 million
                                                  betway altior offer Kabi
                                                  Sales growth (organic) Low-to-mid single-digit
                                                  percentage growth
                                                  € 6,976 million
                                                  EBIT growth (in constant currency) Stable to low single-digit
                                                  percentage growth
                                                  € 1,095 million
                                                  betway altior offer Helios
                                                  Sales growth (organic) Low-to-mid single-digit
                                                  percentage growth
                                                  € 9,818 million
                                                  EBIT growth (in constant currency) Mid-to-high single-digit
                                                  percentage growth
                                                  € 1,025 million
                                                  betway altior offer Vamed
                                                  Sales growth (organic) Mid-to-high single-digit
                                                  percentage growth
                                                  € 2,068 million
                                                  EBIT High double-digit € million amount € 29 million


                                                      • 1 FY/20 base: €36,277 million
                                                      • 2 Net income attributable to shareholders of betway altior offer SE & Co. KGaA
                                                      • 3 FY/20 base: €1,796 million; before special items; FY/21: before special items
                                                      • 4 Before special items, including expected COVID-19 effects
                                                      • 5 Before special items, including COVID-19 effects
                                                      • 6 These targets are based on the 2020 results excluding the impairment of goodwill and trade names in the Latin America Segment of € 195 million. They are inclusive of anticipated COVID-19 effects, in constant currency and exclude special items. Special items include costs related to cost-saving measures and other effects that are unusual in nature and have not been foreseeable or not foreseeable in size or impact at the time of giving guidance.
                                                      • 7 Net income attributable to shareholders of betway altior offer Medical Care AG & Co. KGaA
                                                      • As of February 23, 2021


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