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Indoor Volleyball Courts. The most popular variation of the sport is Indoor Volleyball. Indoor Volleyball is a game that is played with 6 players on each side. If you want to learn more about volleyball in particular I would suggest looking through my article here.

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Volleyball Courts are flat horizontal playing surfaces sized for the game of volleyball. Indoor volleyball court surfaces are required to be made of resilient wood flooring or poured with a synthetic urethane. The size of an indoor volleyball court is the same as an outdoor court. Volleyball courts are regulated at 59’ (18 m) in length with a width of 29.5' (9 m).

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We buil three different types of volleyball courts; indoor, outdoor and indoor sports halls. Indoor volleyball courts are used in all climatic conditions in all seasons. The volleyball court protects the health of the athletes as it is surrounded by wire mesh and synthetic ground. Volleyball courts measure 18 meters in length and 9 meters in width.

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Simply put, the volleyball court is divided into two zones: the attack zone in the front row, and the defense zone in the back row. Within these two zones are positions 1-6. In the picture, each number corresponds to a player’s position and zone on the court (e.g position 4 is also called zone 4).

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Regulation indoor volleyball court dimensions remain the same whether you are playing International, collegiate or club volleyball. The regulation court dimensions for high school are slightly different. Net heights are different for men’s, women’s volleyball, sitting, junior’s and recreation volleyball. Sports Imports has made it easy to determine what volleyball court dimensions and volleyball net heights are required to meet the regulations set by the FIVB, NCAA, NFHS and USA ...

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The center line, along with the net, separate each team's side of the court. Court floors can be wood, rubber tile, grass, or sand depending on the location, type of volleyball being played, and level of play.

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What are the 4 types of serves in volleyball? The four types of serves in volleyball are: the underhand serve, the floater, the topspin serve, and the jump serve. For Every Serve, Here Are Some Tips: You should be looking at the contract as your hand hits the ball. Not keeping your eye on the ball is one of the biggest causes for mishit serves.

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These court types are fantastic for any events including festivals and parties and can be used over and over again due to their quick inflation/deflation and great storage capabilities. This allows the volleyball court to be stored over the winter months and then used throughout summer.