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How Long Do Crickets Live? The Life Cycle of a Cricket ...

A cricket’s life cycle starts with the mother cricket laying hundreds of eggs in the spring. Following a 14-day incubation An average cricket live no longer than a year.

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The lifespan of an adult cricket is around 6 weeks, while the life cycle usually takes 2 – 3 months to complete, depending upon outside conditions. The favorable temperature for crickets to thrive in is between 80°F – 90°F.

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The crickets life cycle takes an average of 2.5 months to complete depending upon the breeding conditions and environment. Once fully grown, the adult crickets lifespan can last from 3-6 months. The optimum temperature for the growth of a crickets lies between 80 to 90°F.

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A cricket can typically live from three to 12 months. This varies from species to species. However, the three life stages of a cricket may encompass more than one year, with most of the time spent as an unhatched egg that remains dormant during the winter. During winter, some field crickets go into diapause; the metabolism slows down and the insect goes dormant, thus allowing it to survive through the winter.

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They also have a distinctive stop/start way of walking when kept properly warm. Crickets that crawl steadily are feeling a bit cool. House crickets that come straight from the pet stores usually do only live several weeks as adults, but that's because most commercial crickets are given only marginal care at best and not fed very well.

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If you are in a warmer part of the country, the average lifespan of a cricket is over a year. If you live in an area where there are definite changes of season, a good rule of thumb is that the cricket will live from the time they hatch in the spring until the first real freeze of winter.

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Outside, house crickets feed on plants and dead or live insects, including other crickets. Indoors, they can feast on fabric, including clothing and carpet. Wool, cotton, silk and synthetic fabrics as well as clothes soiled with perspiration are especially attractive to house crickets.

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The life cycle of a cricket usually spans no more than three months. The larvae of the field cricket hatch from eggs in 7–8 days, while those of Acheta domesticus develop in 11–12 days. Development of the larvae in a controlled, warm (30 °C (86 °F)) farm environment takes four to five weeks for all cultivated species.