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The most obvious difference between the soccer and aggressive American football is that soccer is played mainly by kicking the ball and it is only the goalkeeper who can handle the ball. American football, in contrast, is played by throwing and catching the ball like a bulldog attempting to catch the bone thrown by the dog’s owner.

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One of the main differences on both these sports in my mind is that football is only a sport played in the United States, while soccer is a worldwide know sport. Soccer means alot in many countries all over the world, and theres tournaments that bring every teams all over the world together.

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Soccer players require intelligence, fit body as football requires, but the soccer is play by the passing plays and intelligent tactics made by managers. Soccer also has physical contact, but players do not intent to do beat each other up because there are referee to protect from an injury.

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The most controversial issue that a soccer fan will differentiate between soccer and American football is that soccer is played mainly by kicking the ball and it is only allowed to the goalkeeper...

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In Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa, soccer is as big of a deal, if not more, than American football is in the United States. While soccer has not been in the United States for that long, the American people do not elevate it to the same status as they do baseball, basketball, or football. In the rest of the world, soccer is considered to be their pastime and they watch it at all times of the year and have a great love and respect for the game that cannot be compared to a love for ...

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In the international soccer league the best players in each country come and compete. Even though football is played all over America, soccer is played all over the world. Soccer is an international sport while football is only played in the United States. Overall, soccer is played in more places than football.

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Compare And Contrast Soccer And Football Essay. and at their favorite spots or drinking areas to watch are football and Soccer. Soccer is probably the most popular sport in the world and football has an enormous following as well. While some differences between soccer and football are physical aggression, scoring and the shape of the ball. The similarities between these two sports are the shape of the field, number of players and timing of games.

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Differences Between Football And Soccer Essay 922 Words | 4 Pages. Differences and Similarities of Football and Soccer Football and soccer are predominately different, with some notable similarities. One difference is the positions on each team. Another difference is the skill sets used in each sport, along with the rules and regulations.