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Another factor that increases grip pressure is the size of the racquet's grip. If it's too small, you'll need to squeeze it harder on impact to minimize the torsion effect while a proper grip size will allow your hand to distribute pressure over a larger area and remain relaxed during contact. Good explanation Ian.

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An incorrect grip together with high grip pressure (7-10) is a major source of tennis elbow, rotator cuff problems. A loose grip promotes rhythm and timing and effortless speed in an easy fluid motion. Think of Roger Federer’s groundstrokes. Give up control to gain control. You can let go of trying to control the ball more than you probably think. All it takes is trust and belief. So the next time you find yourself on court focus your attention on grip pressure.

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The eastern forehand grip is a more “natural” and stronger grip for the forehand volley. It puts the wrist, arm and elbow in positions that allow for strong, controlled volleys. These reasons are why many tennis teachers encourage beginners to use this grip for forehand volleys.

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1.1 Tennis Volley Grip. October 28, 2014 by Clay Ballard 36 Comments. Why You Need This: You crush a serve and the opponent barely gets the return over the net. You immediately rush up to the net. You are posed to crush a volley well away from your opponent. You can’t wait for the sound to go supersonic as your racket crushes the ball.

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When up at net you want to have your elbows out in front of your body with your dominant hand gripping the racquet around belly button height, and your non dominant hand on the throat of the racquet around chest high. This will ensure your racquet head is up and in optimal position to react to balls that come your way.

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In order to develop good feel for the volley and how it feels when you’re simultaneously moving the racquet forward while the ball pushes it back, you need some specific tennis volley drills. 1. Hit the racquet face with the ball in your off hand. 2. Have someone throw the ball into your racquet from a close distance.